The Wolves Kill Sheep & Dogtown Skateboards Collaboration Series for Spring/Summer 2012

Growing up skateboarding in the mid 1970's there was only a few board companies around worth paying attention to. Dogtown was definitely the one of them that stuck in my head and one that was under my feet cruising down the streets. The ads they had in the magazines were no nonsense skateboarding ads, no hoopla or hype, just hardcore skateboarding period. Visually the original art by Wes Humpston spoke to me in a way that inspired me to eventually become an artist myself. I can remember drawing the board graphics on my school notebooks and everywhere else over and over again trying to make that perfect DTS cross graphic.

So for our brand Wolves Kill Sheep to do a collaboration series with the one and only Dogtown Skateboards, we are grateful to be able to make a great series of t-shirts and skate decks with the blessing of Jim Muir and the Dogtown staff. We thank you and hope that people will enjoy our efforts to put out something as timeless as Dogtown has been and will continue to be.

A big thank you goes out to Jim Muir and the Dogtown crew for helping make this happen.

Check out the collection of t-shirts on the FALL/WINTER 2012 & SPRING/SUMMER 2012 COLLECTION pages.